some things for a game

Here are some pics of 3 weapons and a car I made for a game I’m designing (not in Blender, cause of the limited power, I only use Blender for modelling). What do you think??? (best viewed in True Colors, 24 bit)

2 renders of a Desert Eagle:

a render of an OICW without scope:

a render of a Fa Mas:

and finally a render of a car of the military, I don’t know the name (I think Osaga, but this could also just be the name of the reference pic I downloaded):

sorry, I can’t see all images… :frowning:

not bad at all… i must say the desert eagle mark 19 is my most favorite gun in the world :c) does your engine support smoothing? if so some renders with this activated would have been much better. try links next time…

I had this problem on another forum too, so it’s probably something whit freewebs :frowning: … here are the links:

btw, I’ve made the renders in Blender but I didn’t put on the smoothing cause I don’t think my engine supports it, I’m not sure though, I’ll check it out…

WAH :o when I click on those links that you suplied (the latter) it just sends me to this forum…?! funny! well about the pictures (select the link copy paste it) I think that you might wanna apply a nice chrome effect (env map or other texture with ref). other than that it looks nice, i like the first one the most.

Nice! Will you post your game for people to see when you get a demo?

How many polys are they? They look like they use a lot.

What engine are you using?


The polycount of the Desert Eagle is 1112 and the one of the car is 1115. The ones of the Fa Mas and the OICW are already mentioned on the images.

I’m using the Quest3D engine, cause it is quite powerfull (on a GeForce 2 it can easily handle 500.000 polys, that’s what the designers say) and has a lot of good features like the reducing of the polycount of models when you move away from them, and, something very important for me, an easy way to program. You don’t need to know a scripting language, they made something special, but it’s quite hard to explain so if you’re interested: But there’s also a big disadvantage: you have to buy extra updates if you want the players to be able to save their game on an easy way and if you want to add multiplayer to your game, and those updates are more expencive then the engine itself.

I’m not sure that I’ll post a demo, cause the game is in a far too early stadium. btw, I’m still searching modelers for organic models around 3000 - 3500 poly’s (the poly-reducing feature) and good animators.