Some tunnels....

Hi well, its about time i posted some more renders which i have done,
the first Tunnel was my favorite one mainly as it looks like a tunnel with the camera field of view worked out well, All composite nodes were venomgfx’s fraka’s node setup too!
there are two variations of this too, one with no lights on the ground and the second with lights on the ground, light sources are from Elephants Dream as i am not a great modeler of doing my own, but these served well heh
Variation 1:

Variation 2:

Recently i did another render, this time a different setup than those two, i was originally intending to do a weird mancandy trailer with this set but abandoned it due to render times would be long,
Recent Render:

this one wasn’t particularly fun as the lighting setup on no composite was crap and i do know the right hand side is not the same as the left hand side, the set was done twice as i majorly stuffed up by making every single plane as a single mesh but i fixed that! and just arrayed it
(sorry to all those die hard mancandy fans who were expecting more from me, havent done any more renders yet lately just waiting for everything to calm down!)

Looks great ddwagnz! Espeacaly the blue one :smiley: