Some UVs does not work in "P" render

I am in Kubuntu 12.10 and Blender (2.65 or 2.65a) 32 bits
That´s the question… (sorry for my english)
I uv map a face of a cube and then go to “P”. No render in real time “P”. None of these cases works:

  • No material assigned (Blender assigns default settings)
  • Material assigned and Face texture on


  • if i uv map a plane… it works
  • if i remove all faces of the cube unless the uv mapped… it works !!!¿??¿¿¿!!

It sounds like a drastic bug. Isn´t it? All works fine in 2.64

So you’re using Single-Texture or Multi-Texture mode? Could you post a .blend file?