Some Varied Questions

Hey everyone, I’m officially back, trying to ease myself back into Blender. Sorry if I make a lot of Max references, but that’s cuz I’ve been using that one for 7 months, patiently awaiting 2.40’s release.

  1. How do you Skin? It almost appears to be like Max’s, where you make your rig, then apply the Skin modifier. Same concept in Blender, except you use the Armature modifier instead. How do you use the new Envelope feature?

  2. What about the easier IK system? I cannot figure that out right now; the constraint’s not even in the Constraint menu anymore.

  3. Since I plan to use Max as my modeller now, would it be possible to model something complete with all its shape keys, and bring them to Blender? Also, can you mirror your Shape Keys? In Max, if you mirror a Morph Target, it doesn’t do anything, it only doubles your Morph percentile.

  4. Last one. Would it be possible to make Joint Angle deformers for parts like elbows or knees, or is Weight Painting the only way?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

  1. Envelopes appear as a white area around your bone. Every vertex that is included in this area is affected by that bone.

  2. Create the IK chain with the bones parented and connected to each other. Then enter pose mode, select the last Bone of the chain and press CTRL+I. In the popup, you can select if you want to create a targetless IK or create a new empty object to use as target.