some writing tools

Hi everyone, this is my newest project in Blender: A bunch of writing tools and other random stuff. In the future, they will be on a desk and not just on the floor like in the current version of the render.

I’m currently working on improve the pencil and modelling a lamp to light the scene instead of the emission plane, that I’m using currently. With this lamp, I’m nearly finished, and I’m going to modell the deskreally soon.
Constructive criticism is of course very welcome. Ican use every feedback to improve the scene.

Well, I’ve improved my render quite a bit. Of course it isn’t finished jet. There are plenty of things, that I would like to add to this render. However, before that, I have to improve the rubber and the little man on the desk. The rubber looks like in a comic and the little man don’t even have a material. There will be a plant in the flower pot on the desk, once i find out how to make the earth in it.

And yes, I know there isn’t any cable for the lamp yet. I was too lazy to model one.