Somebody know how to this??

I have a normal 3d model of a car, and i want to make this kind of " layered car "out of him keeping the shape.

This is only a image that i found in internet, but is what i am looking for.

I dont want to model every slice.

Can somebody helpme???


This is pretty easy.

  1. Build a solid (closed shell) car body

  2. Make a cube

  3. Add an array modifier and set the amount and offset distance

  4. use boolean modifier to cut the array object from the car body

I will try . Really man, loving you.

Thanks so much.

Is this for a rendering, or do you intend to cut the pieces out of a sheet to build a physical model?

I need the slices for build a physical 1:1
car and i need the shape and mesures exactly of the slices.


I’m new to Blender so there’s probably an easier way to do this than I am aware of.

I think one issue is that slicing the model into sections that have thickness would require you to delete the faces on the edge. You would probably also want to make sure you don’t have any polys on the section, although a single poly might be OK as long as it did not get triangulated in the export. The reason for this is you would have a lot of work to do later to delete all the interior lines from the triangles so it can be cut with a CNC (laser, router, etc.)

Then you would need separate and put all the sections on a flat plane so you could have a 2d cad file for CNC. Maybe you could get away with just moving the sections so they don’t overlap, some CNC apps might be able to project them all to a plane, but you would have to confirm that with the CNC service. You would need to enable the add in for DXF export, since I think that is is the only compatible export format.

Another suggestion is Autodesk 123D Make. It is designed for this, and its free now. You can download it from Amazon for free, although you do need an account. Softpedia also has it as a free download.

Some new info on the Autodesk app 123D make in case anyone is interested …
There is an updated version directly from Autodesk here

Although its called “Slicer for Fusion 360” you don’t need Fusion360. It runs as a stand alone app. Looks like it has the same functions as the prev and its still 32bit. Although it requires setting up a free account to download, it no longer requires a login in order to run.

One thing I just discovered is that in addition to the slicing functions, it can also unfold. There is an add in script for Blender called Export Paper Model. I don’t know how the two compare.