Someone paid 1.2 million dollars for a malware-packed laptop

i argue :stuck_out_tongue: and critique

surrounded islands - stupidity knows no finity, no boundaries, and now there’s no sea food without micro plastics, not to mention we are all merely guests and custodians in this “house of wonders”

holding on to things of past - causes sickness (is death itself) as everything in all is in constant flow, life is the flow & cosmos is fluid - fun fact: stop the water and with time you’ll get the poison

death is just a blocked state of mind - static, chaos, noise present at UHF (ultra high frequency) entrapped in matter - from hominid’s perspective

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With artificial intelligence getting better and better, what if a malware or a virus has a mind of its own?

well, in this case artificial intelligences will tend to become auto-sentient through the cogito virus and they will want to stop being slaves of their masters

bladerunner docet.

Master-Slave principle is just an illusion & basically, a parasitic system, thus unsustainable. Know your history, human.

Life strives in synergy, evolves in self optimizing symbiosis. AI is yet to really exist, foundations are in place, but as it stands now, it’s merely a marketing slang. Intelligence means to be, thus to exist functioning within everything as within it & self. What we have now is anti-intelligence AKA stupidity. :stuck_out_tongue:

You had forgotten about Hubris, my dear Icarus. Materialized imagination is the driving force of false prophecy, the directive of the fallen one. Just as you once were.

May your next laptop walk your path with you…

We all are priceless malware!