Someone please convert a Max file into blend or other to import in blender? [PART2]

OK first time around I wanted a Max conversion, there was no Max file to be found… This time the link works.

I have found a file: 7MB in Max format/ 42K vertices.
It’s free at Turbosquid here
It fits my scene perfectly but I don’t have Max. Can someone please convert it for me?


go to the file menu at the upper left of your interface and choose ‘import’ >> ‘3Ds’

csimeon, I don’t have a TS account and the site doesn’t seem to be accepting new members (it’s throwing errors) atm. If you could download it and host someplace else, I’d be happy to help.

It’s a *****.max file. Importing with 3ds doesn’t seem to work. Isn’t that for ****.3ds ?

Thank you,

I uploaded it to my cloud space here.
I also updated the link on post1

Ok, Sorry for the delay. The import messed up some of the ngons, so I cleaned them up for you. DL the file HERE.

I’m grateful as it is. No problem, at all, it arrived “on time”.

Kind regards,

PS : I was under the impression that only if you have Max installed as well, will converting work.
Is this true? or can I make the conversion myself, next time.

Turbosquid has a conversion service. That is for paid models I would assume.

Yes it does, and yes it is (only for paid models).
That’s why I asked for help.