Someone Please Help Me, Molecular Script WILL NOT Enable for Me :(

I Have been trying to get Molecular Script installed to get to work, and once i install it, it simply will not let me enable it and this is the error code i get with it. I cant find ANY HELP anywhere else on the internet, someone please have a fix for this !

I guess it has not been updated. Check the description from where you downloaded it for the blender version you need to use.

I Will have to double check, i’m on the latest blender (2.93) do you know of the most recent blender version that works with it??

Thanks for your quick response by the way!

I am surprised. He updated it a few days ago… Do you have your version from here?

Maybe try 2.92. There might be a bug in the new release.
You might want to ask that in his thread? Like why opening a new task for that?

it’s allowing to me apply the add on now with this, was using an older version of the script, i was browsing github never saw this.

thank you so much schamph!
appreciate you greatly :slight_smile:

actually, could you maybe help with another issue? i don’t seem to have the molecular tab in my particle settings, i kind of shows up on physics. but it’s missing the simulate, do i have to add the molecular tab to the particle menu? thanks!

I dont use that addon but the tab should be there automatic when the addon successfully activated. Maybe you can find your answer here: