Someone who can correct a website.

Hi everyblendies !!

I’m french (it explain the mistakes), and I’ve created a website in 2 language : French and English. I know that I make some mistakes in some english structures or vocabulary word.

That’s why I’m looking for someone who can correct the english version of my website.


If you are interested, answer this thread or send me an E-mail at [email protected] .

Thank’s !

I’d be happy to help!
I would like to help on something like this.

Just sent you guys an email. Hope it helps


Thank’s you 2.

I’ve sent you a message (private or mail, it depend), to give you some information about how to correct.

I also ask to the german and spanish people if they want to translate the news and the website words. Because I don’t speak spanish, and my german is very bad. So if you are german or spanish, or if you speak this language, answer this thread or send me a mail.

Thank’s for your help !! :):):slight_smile: