Someone who can model a cat?

I need someone who can model a cat in blender, a common tabby cat would be preferred. Their would be no need for fur (As this will be placed into a video game) and textures and rigging is not necessary. I would like it to be to scale with a real cat.

How real do you want it?

I could give i a try and post it here so you could see what you think but,might take a few days will have to retopol it after sculpting

are you looking for a long nose or a short nose tabby and what features are you looking for?

Hey first thing first sorry for taking so long to respond but anyways i would prefer more of a long nose not a “smudged” nose like on persian, and im not sue what you mean by features. I will be sure to respond quicker next time!

Sorry for the late post but nothing too fancy, like i said no fur but it should be relatively convincing but not enough so it could not be easily rendered in a video game.

Is anyone still interested in this? I haven’t heard from anyone in a while.

this what i have so far 30 min of work.
need anything added?
going to smooth what i can out in sculpt mode.
has about 5,000 verts.

heres what ive got so far

i’LL stop here untill you respond

That is actually quite good but i don’t want to ask much of you but could you also make one that is skinny, so this cat and a skinny cat? Just to add more variety if you think it could be done without taking much of your time that would be great.

Oh and could you sculpt out the individual toes? Again if you cant don’t do it, its just what ever you can do helps.

What sort of game? 5K verts is a bit much for most games, unless said cat was going to be one of a few things on screen. I took a quick pass at it:

176 verts, ~350 tris.

If you give me more details about your needs, I can increase the detail to include separate toes. Tried to keep a low poly count for a game purpose, and honestly toes and such would most likely work better with a texture unless a player was going to be looking very closely at the cat’s feet.

176 is about what i had but i wanted to give it a little more detail
and if you look at the back legs of a cat their not straight

most people who are looking for game models look for around 5-7k verts but its up to iwo542 what the client wants.

i’m not done with this model yet i’m leaving the verts where they are ,like the tail its too thin and if you look my model has a mouth for rigging if needed.
i’m not arguing with you just giving advice

While that’s somewhat pose specific, I added a few more verts to make the legs appear less straight, and made the ears a bit more pronounced.

Didn’t ‘the client’ state rigging wasn’t necessary?

If I had to guess, a model without complexities like fur or rigging would make me assume this would be a static game object, but without a texture I haven’t a clue. I’m honestly just doing this for a little practice since I’m not doing anything else worth while with blender.

said it was going to be textured, fur would not work for a game if thier was alot of verts
the mouth was for just in case rigging was needed later on

i took my subsurf off now both are around 3,000 verts

like your model

I prefer TRayT model better, it’s more efficient.

I do prefer the mouth because although I said you don’t have to rig but I will later go in and rig the model, both models are good but I do prefer a higher poly count. I looked into it and you want to stay within 3k-7k Poly count for main characters (yes the cat is the main character)

well heres what i’ve got if you like it

thought i would play around a little with these .LOL