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This is the team projects forum where I see a lot of “Wow I have a great game idea so help me” Threads. I am posting exactly the opposite. I am new to 3d modeling and rendering. Like everyone else here I have an “awesome game” I want to make. But in order to hone my skills I need the help and support of the forum.

So in short I am offering my services for modeling and texturing, both of which I have only minor experience at. I regretfully got my start on both through a Halo Modding community (I won’t say which and won’t promote or join in any further actions in that area). But I am willing and able to offer my skills in modeling and texturing in exchange for help with the python coding involved in creating a successful Blender game.

To see what I have learned in the way of modeling with the 2 months that I have had Blender, or the year or so that I spent learning the art of texturing in the aforementioned community just refer to my WIP on page 39 and 40 of the Screenshot Extra Extra!!!thread

Why don’t you just pick the project that look best and ask if you can join ??? I would happily accept you in my project if you are interested. But if its your first project I recomend making your own minigame to gain experience and then think about leading a larger one.

I like your way of thinking. I wish you good luck and I hope you’ll find what you where searching.

Happy modeling

Thanks for the feedback. As I said I’m not putting forth to lead a project I’m putting out there that I’m willing to supply my skills to anyone with a specific request.

The reason I have not joined into a team project is A: Half of the team projects are buried by those calls I mentioned in my first post. B: I don’t necessarily want to commit to one single project for its duration just yet.

So if you would like some help with yours let me know specifically what you need. I noticed some discussion of the wolf texture, if you’d like me to give that a whirl just say the word.

This is the team projects forum where I see a lot of “Wow I have a great game idea so help me” Threads. I am posting exactly the opposite

you posted exactly the same -.- ,i see that you are good at 3D .

So if you would like some help with yours let me know specifically what you need.

Well o.k. then: Could you build a mill for map2 ? Map1 is almost done so you could help dudeman95 with map2 while ak21 and me make the final details. So if you are interested, start with the mill (a house type mill with a huge fan thingy) and we’ll see when your finished :D.

PLS take your time to register on our forum if you want to share your work and talk about Dark Feilds.

sorry for the long delay in replying to the posts my internet connection has not been working properly this week but the fine folks with my ISP ITT department are resolving the issue so I should be up and fully functional in the next day or two.

GE-FORCE… thank you for the compliment but I do believe you may have misunderstood the intent of my first post. I’m not asking anyone to help build my game or join my project. What I’m offering is to help with other projects on a specific task oriented basis. When I say it is in exchange for help with python I mean only that I hope that my assistance will be appreciated and when I do get to the point where I am ready to begin a game of my own those with skills in the area will assist. None of that is required to gain any assistance I offer. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and submit feedback.

Rewii93 I would be happy to assist with the mill. I do have a couple of questions. 1. What sort of vert count am I aiming for. 2. Do we want this as a interior and exterior set… i.e. is it explorable? 3. GSL materials or textures only?
I will start work on it and once I receive your reply I will adjust the object accordingly. I am going to assume it will be explorable and shoot for a 2 story building with a working mill… wind I am assuming from the fact that you mention a fan rather than a water mill.

Thanks for joining our forum :D.

1- Lowest possible (traduction: as you like)
2- Model the interior pls, and I’ll furnish it with the team’s assets.
3- Just texture will be fine. But maybe we’ll make a GLSL version one day.

Yep, a 2 story wind mill with the fan as a seperate object.

Your devotion to the forum realy suprise me, and I’m glad you decided to help us. When you’ll start your own project, PM me and I’ll be glad to help you. Just be shure its before january 2011 (I’m going to VFS :RocknRoll: !!!).

Happy modeling