Something Blender should/must have

My idea came in this topic. I really think it will nice to make an addon of it . But im wondering how

I would like to create poses and be able to use sliders. A bit like shapekeys ,but not for mesh, but for bones.

I’m wanting to make facial animation mixing

I know the uni-variate sliders (0-1) but it would be very cool to have a selection just like for colors


but instead of those 6 basic colors (and between), i want to pick up a facial expression i pre-recorded myself in the Pose library. Those facial expressions represent the 6 basic ones.


One can order them like this ? By proximity of facial pattern

joy - surprise - fear - sadness - disgust - anger

yellow - green - cyan - blue - pink - red

you will notice , just like colors, the opposites impossible to mix up :

  • fear vs anger (face distended vs tensed face )
  • surprise vs disgusted (convex vs concave face)
  • joy vs sadness (light vs heavy face)

and you will also notice that warm colors express "activity’ and cold colors “passivity”

  • pink, red, yellow (disgust, anger, joy)
  • green, cyan, blue (surprise, fear, sadness)

Just like colors, white, the center will be neutral/default face expression

Would be cool to have !!