Something i made 2night.......

…while watching the footy.

its my letter opener that was on the table so i thought i’d modl it =D

Not the finished product, still things to fix, but good enough to show. comments welcome =D

amazing, a blender picture with good lighting!
You dont see that alot :slight_smile:

I like it. the reflections on the big thing on the handle seams a bit wrong though

nice job…looks great

thanx for the comments =D.

for intrest the lighting was done with 2 fake GI’s, 2 none shadow spot lams, 3 shadow spot lamps where the other spot lamps where to reflect the letter opener, the corner of the room, and thechair was, and 1 hemi pointing at the whole scene. So my main focus on this pic was lighting and texturing.

btw did you know that its really hard to make convincing carpet =P

yeah. ive tried making carpet myself on a few acasions. its very hard.

i was going to ask you about the carpet

how you do?

i’ll put up the .blend actually, will save some time explaining =D

ok heres the .blend for any1 who wants it.


wow, great realism! i thought it was a photo in the bg at first…nice, really nice scene and lighting

thanx for the comments imgrandpaboy =D


put about 10 min into it, just fixed up a bit of lighting, and the reflection a bit.

from there its ‘letter_open4.jpg’

thats some of the best texturing and lighting ive seen in awhile,i particularly like the focal blur!! very nice work!


Really nice setting.

I love the blade and the carpet.

Hilt looks a little more plastic than metal, don’t know why…


I really like the fourth pic… great color scheme.

You also did a good job with the focal blur, quite convincing. And I’ll echo earlier sentiment that your lighting scheme is quite well executed. Very lush and three dimensional, very realistic. Quite a mood and atmosphere are imparted.

Good job.

ok got a number 5 in there now, can get there from above parent directory.

Added a warmer atmosphere.