Something weird happened....

So, I’m not entirely sure what it’s called but in the game engine there’s a dotted line circle around each of the rigid body meshes. Anyways, I figured it would be a good idea to join multiple meshes together for quick material changes and then separate them.

However, after I did this that dotted circle line on some of the meshes is still connected ( i.e. when clicking on each mesh they all have the same dotted line circle ). On top of this when play it in the game engine there’s just some random unknown force that explodes everything.

The physics were working fine before I did the joining/separating of the meshes so I’m completely confused as to how to fix this.

The blend file

Thanks for any help!

  • Madi

I haven’t downloaded your file (I use prepaid internet and I think it’s about to run out) but if I did I probably wouldn’t know exactly what you did. Like I don’t know what you mean by join or exactly how it might make editing materials faster or simpler.

The dotted lines suggest that you might have “joined” by parenting and that objects are still parented that you don’t want to be parented when you run the game. This can cause objects to go where they shouldn’t at runtime and then conflict with collisions that cause them to be ejected from places they shouldn’t be. (I think bullet applies a force to separate dynamic or rigid body objects that are occupying the same space)

Can you see in Outliner whether objects are parented or not?

You can probably remember what you did so that you can recreate it in a simpler scene. It’s easier then to experiment with undoing it and not having to worry about the complexity or the risk of getting further confused in your project file.

I don’t think it’s a parent line - on all of the rigid bodies in the file there a middle dot with a larger dotted-lined circle around the object itself.
Well, I used Ctrl-J to join the meshes together so that I only had to change the material once instead of doing it for all the meshes I wanted to change - when it came time to separate them ( Edit Mode - P ) all of their circles had moved away from them - typically any of the meshes that were joined together, their "dotted line circle"s all moved to the same spot.

Since that happened, the meshes whose circles have moved just fly across the plane as if I have a wind aimed at them…

In the outliner they say they’re still linked - however, all of the meshes that I did this too are still “linked” and only a couple are having this problem

I’ll see if I can recreate it

The outer dotted line circle is the sphere bounds type object’s radius. As you could probably see, in wireframe mode, if you increase or decrease the radius amount in the physics tab, the circle enlarges or shrinks similarly. Also, it sounds like when you split the objects up from a single object into individual objects, their meshes are no longer centered (the center dots are not inside of the meshes). To fix this, use Ctrl-Shift-Alt-C when the out-of-alignment meshes are selected and select Center to Geometry (in Blender 2.5).

Hmm… I wouldn’t use join unless I intended a bunch of objects to become one and the same mesh for all time. It’s not something you can undo unless you do it by hand rebuilding objects in edit mode. Or Ctrl-Z which would mean you shouldn’t have done something in the first place. And yeah, when you do join objects that might still appear to be separate objects in the 3d view they don’t have any relationship lines connecting them anyway. And you can see easily enough whether objects are parented or not, so that’s not the problem.

Have you got (or did you have… eek) rigid body joints, like hinge or ball and socket joints. If so you wouldn’t want to attempt to join those objects with join. (But then I suspect blender wouldn’t allow that.)

Someone will probably help you out. If not I’ll have a look at it later today.

Thank you SolarLunge! I don’t have 2.5 - still using 2.49b - however your reply got me thinking and hitting center new fixed it!