something weird happening with and controller

this is my first time trying to make a game, problem is in the ‘and’ controler(somehow). I have two sensors sending their signal to the controller and for some reason the controller doesn’t work :(. but when I try the sensors one at a time they each work.

the blend is here:

the goal is to make the character jump only when it has ground under it and when it’s not toutching the walls or is in the air.

I would be extremely happy if someone could help, I have spent hours messing with this and the most frustrating thing is that everything should be working I even added debug props to trace the failure but it’s just soooooooooo un logical for ‘and’ controller to fail

The ray is only firing once. You must turn on positive pulse mode. See the attached image.


Great thanks :D! it works as it should :cool: