Somewhat realistic human male bust

so I am doing a bust of a generic male. I am focusing on making the face convincing. I you guys want to know the materials I could post them. the system for the skin shader is three layered based somewhat on Ben Simonds blender internal version. I’ve got to say, the new sss is way faster and much easier to use. Sculpting was done the classic way with a multi-resolution modifier. Room for improvement is the ears right now and the secularity.

*updated verson

here is the latest version. I toned down the hardness of the gloss, and toned down the bump map. I had an edge shader before but I removed it now. the edge shader looks better in a different lighting set-up. turned down the diffuse layer and turned up the sss. In terms of texturing I think I’ll add a more of a greenish hue to the places where stubble and hair in general will be prevalent.

@James Candy
thanks for the critiques! the eyeball shader took a while to figure out here is a screen shot of the glossy outer material, the inner material is just a diffuse with a texture applied to it.

I wander what does this colorramp node do since it has no imput? It gives one rgb value at 0.5?

Did you forgotten something? Layer weight?

sorry the colour ramp was useless I realized that earlier on but never bother to remove it.

I like the changes you’ve made! The skin looks much more malleable and fleshy now. I’m looking at the nodes, and am assuming there is no texture map in there, correct? If that is the case, then the image looks remarkably lifelike already. If a realistic texture map could be created for it, and the other modifications made that you want to make, then I’m positive you would have an instant hit!

On a related note, I have been making tests with AGIsoft’s Photoscan and will be purchasing a license for it within two weeks. The results have been extremely encouraging. You can find some test footage in the newest video on my youtube channel. I’d be happy to supply a head scan with texture maps for testing purposes.

It was a holiday so I have a lot of time on my hands. I changed the lighting and removed the backdrop because it was bouncing light onto the face giving unrealistic lighting. There is also a light behind the model to get scattering in the ears. I tweaked the materials a little make the skin more peachy and adjusted the specular a little.

@james candy
thanks for the critique it has been helpful and that head scan sounds really cool.

great head and the skin shader is really good. cool translucent ears.

here is the latest version. Added eyelashes and tweaked materials.

added eye brows and did some tweaks. Most of the head is basically done. I’l maybe tweak some more for the textures but othe rthan that there is not much else I can do. I need to think of a scene i can put him in.

This is a good start. Eyes look good. Any hair ?

you should comb the eyebrows more with the grooming tools. i think it’s n in particle mode to access them.

alrighty so here is pretty much the final version of this guy. Now I’m going to put him in a scene. I was thinking of making him a male nurse. Doing serious stuff is done too often so I decided why not change things up a bit. I’m going for the sexy nurse look over an actually male nurse. Just look up nurse costume on google images to get the idea. If anybody wants the skin shader I’d be happy to post it up on blendwap.