Somewhat Surreal Cannon Blast

How might I improve this scene?


animate the objects to show realistic movement. A coannon would move back and the ball would not be just susspended in air. Unless you had some crazy high speed camera.

Then as a vector blur node to it in comp.

The ball and flying particles are indeed animated but when I enable Motion Blur it makes them far too blurry. I’ll try the vector blur though.

The Vector node merely turns it black. What might I be doing wrong? Here is my setup. The node group is for Chromatic Abberation and is not related to the vector node.


You could also add some smoke and perhaps even a bit of fire…

I’m afraid I don’t have quite the horsepower to do those effectively.

You have to tick the box for ‘vector’ in the render options. You’ll get a speed output in your renderlayer node. Connect this to the speed input (blue) of the vector blur node.

What GlaDOS said.

A blur node, both in the ball and in the cannon because of the force caused by the shot (like it’s pushed back)

Some fire explosion near the cannon edge would be cool

if u want to do fire and smoke i did a little tut on that a while back… im not sure it would fit with your scene though… i kind of like the abstractness of this image… anyway here it is