Sonar Headphone Promo

Student Project and also some experiment with shader development for cycle render engine. Modeling, Texturing, Animation and Compositing in Blender. Text and Flare is done in AFter Effects.
Music Credit: Music X.

Wow, great vid!
The promo looks very professional. The effects and lighting is great.
The leather ear pad/cover-things need a bit more roughness though - that’s my opinion at least.
I am not sure if your materials are physically based with fresnel and stuff, but if not you can look into that too.
Nice project!

Thanks :slight_smile:
I did gave IOR on the plastic first but for some reason the gloss was flickering at the edge. So dissolved it. I am trying to find out what was the problem. Yes, I am seeing now the pad should be more rough. One night rush…what to say! haha. Thanks for the nice words. :slight_smile: