Sonic. Born to be wild

UPDATE may 22.
I have been working in other projects but I will continue working on this.

UPDATE may 16
I have almost finished the body modeling and started the particle system for hair. I only groomed the head hair, tomorrow I will made some body hair adjustments and correct textures for gloves and socks.

. Another render showing the textures that will be the base of the hair p system.

UPDATE: While modeling sonic I was testing several options and making some experiments so to show the bare model and the eyes redesign I rendered these images, thanks.

Hi! there, I am modeling the great sonic completely on blender, I am currently modeling and texturing the face, it is not finished yet of course,I have to finish the eyes and some errors are very apparent, but anyway I decided it was about time to show the current state of it.
This is the latest update of today:


coincidentally I watched a video on youtube yesterday on whats wrong with the design of the sonic character in the new movie.

Maybe you’re interested in it:

It’s way better than the one in the movie trailer, but yeah, it also still needs some improvements.
The main issue is the eyes, sonic doesn’t have two eye balls, but just a gigantic one. The eyes are then placed on top of that gigantic eye ball as separated objects. To look you just move the black dots and not the eye ball. Nice start!

Thank you strapazie, I watched the video , I think the really troublesome part of this character are the eyes, I am trying firts to mix color hair to get a very similar look to classic sonic, but I have been adviced to mix the eyes together exactly as sonic is, anyway I can model both versions… Any advice would be very helpful.

Hi Rogper, so do You suggest to keep the eyes together?, I will keeping updating the model, hope to get it right.

On the sonic original model I can guaranty you that the eye ball is just one semi-sphere :slight_smile: The real sonic has just a huge eye ball and then the “iris” are just two stretched spheres on top of it.
I made you an example, so it’s more clear:

Hi rogper, thank you for your comments, Yeah I do realize that sonic has a big white eye with two pupils, in fact maybe I will take a similar aproach next but first I want to finish it this way, I have had little time but tomorrow I plan to show a finished face. thank You.

Hi, I rendered some images for fun and to show the bare model, I mean without hair, I made some retopo and redesigned the eyes, I plan to show a hairy model soon. Sorry I forgot to render the nose, it is enabled now.

Haa yes! Now this one feels like Sonic… Metal Sonic actually hehe :wink:

Thank You rogper for follow my post, I uploaded a new render,I think its almost time to start modeling the body!.

Hi friends!, This is to show the current state of sonic, Its been a lot of work, working with particles systems is very taxing for my computer, I hope to show a big improvement by the end of the weak, thanks.

I’m here to say that your version of Sonic looks great. Looking at him gives me the feeling of being a teddy that make me want to hug it. But in my opinion, I find the part of the belly a bit strange yet. Maybe with fur also, would not it be better? Like the face?

Keep up the good work …: D

Oh! thank You for your kind words, well, the belly and arms hairs was pending but now there it is, although I still have to comb it and fix many other issues, thank You!.