Sony Headphones (rendered with Yaf(a)ray)

Something ive been working on for a while in between school etc. Comments and Critisisms greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


The plug in the foreground looks plastic (even if blurred). Could use some mirror or harder specularity maybe?

Other than that very nice little work. Put same quality of work on something more imaginative and you’ll rake some serious stars from me :slight_smile:

cheers i’ll remember that, i did put a fresnel reflection on it and i used IBL, i dunno i guess i just need to practise with Yaf(a)ray a bit more

I love it. It simple and clean.

thanks :slight_smile: thats what i was going for!

Needs more OSA, and I agree with what Eradicor said… That plug doesn’t look metal.

And, you spelled Sony wrong.


nice work.there are some nice metal material posted in yafaray forum

thanks! ill take a look at some of the settings on here