Sony Ripping Off Super Smash Bros

Hey everyone, just discovered this info this morning. It would appear that sony Playstation is copying Nintendos Super Smash Bros title.

Read about it here:

So whats your thoughts on this? I’m a fan of the Smash Bros series from Nintendo, and have never played much Playstation. But you can tell that the game plays almost exactly Nintendo’s. I think Sony should put more time into making their own unique titles instead of doing their notorious game rippoffs.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

The possibility of Kratos fighting some lame toon characters and die is disturbing to me. Kratos cannot lose!!!

About the rippoff let the companies fight it out. Meanwhile I will grab some popcorns and enjoy.

Isn’t Smash Bros. just a variation of other fighting games? Truly I don’t think it much matters.

As far as I know, I don’t think Nintendo owns the idea of a game where multiple characters battle each other, otherwise you would find them also being the only company that can legally make platform and karting games.

The Crash Bandicoot franchise for example had something like this back in the 1990’s (with a number of modes not sound in Super Smash Bros.), I don’t see anything really wrong with it providing that there are features and mechanics that differentiate the game a little or innovates on the genre.

It’s the same way with the mentality that everything that uses blocks is ripping off Minecraft, Minecraft is technically part of a larger genre concerning sandbox games and block worlds are the easiest to program.

I’d rather see the Sony & Nintendo exec’s fight it out for real, samurai style. That’d be entertainment, black suits & katana’s… ;D

Well when I was watching gameplay on the video, it looked exactly like Smash Bros, one of the characters from the All Stars game even plays a lot like Peach from SSB. Now its only a first look, but it seemed to be a major copy. Perhaps there isn’t anything wrong with it. But I’m getting tired of seeing the same game remade a million times with nothing really that different than the title. COD, Halo, Battlefield.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it feels anymore everything is generic. Have people run out of ideas for future development?

Maybe I’m wrong, but it feels anymore everything is generic. Have people run out of ideas for future development?

A lot of popular games for sure(though Battlefield is still fun) but think of things like fallout, Mass Effect, and things like that. No not super original, but for sure not a copy of anything.