Sony Vegas & Blender?

No, Iver never touched an editor.

And I dont want to support Adobe…

Looking for a app that can work with Blender, unless that dosent matter?


Lightworks is free, and a professional video editor. Export your render sequences from Blender as image sequences, and import.

Go with Vegas. I absolutely LOVE it as a video editor and its worth every penny. You can get it for pretty cheap these days.

Anyone eles on Lightworks Pro?
Anyone eles on Vegas and which Vegas?

And anyone with DAW skills? Digital audio workstation skills, in the house?

I’ve not used Lightworks at all, so can’t give an opinion on that. However…

After having used Vegas/Pro (pirated) in the past, actually from the very first release, when Sonic Foundry was still in charge, it’s my video editor of choice. Several years back I stopped using pirated software, which is one of the things that stuck me to Blender. I’ve just recently started to mess with the VSE in Blender, but I have Vegas Studio and Sound Forge Studio on my A/V machine. I’m sure I’ll use VSE for things, but mostly I’ll stick with Vegas for editing video. Of course, if the VSE ever gets better than Vegas, that’ll just free up some hard drive space on that machine. :slight_smile: IMO you are not likely to need Vegas Pro, which really is aimed at professionals who are editing all the time. You should be able to find a comparison chart of Studio vs Pro on Sony’s site somewhere. Look at things like # of tracks, included effects, etc. and see if Studio will do enough for you. In my case, it’s great. I bought a package of v11, then a year or so later, I upgraded my Vegas to v12. This was a really good deal because it doubled the number of tracks I had available to me. Currently I can’t see myself needing more video editor than I’ve got. When that changes, I’ll start exploring my options again.

What sort of DAW skills are you looking for? I’ve got more experience with audio software than 3d, and among my friends, am the only one who built a completely separate system for audio/video work.