Sony Vertical Disc Loading


I’m doing this

missing just the middle part…

I think I’m going to render it in Yafray…but not now.

Comments and C&C plz


Red cross.

server must be down, can’t see the pic. otherwise everything looks great! good punctuation and good wording of sentences in your post…lol. (sarcastic remarks are me… ignore them)

It looks good so far.
Maybe the black part on the speakers is too “plain”. (but maybe that’s the way it looks in reallity)

a reference pic would be nice :wink:

hey, nice… wanna see it in yafray :slight_smile: probably would be nice to see the box that the speakers go to, though…lol. I personally am fascinated with speakers. heyyy…I think I’ll render my sub and my amp sometime!

Sorry :frowning:

My HD has gone.
I’ve lost everything.I can’t finish it
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Developers! Quick! We need a “Recover blender files from a dead hard drive” option!

Is there any chance that you could move the original image to another server? I get a broken pic here :frowning: and I would love to see what you started. Don’t give up. Sometimes starting over is the best way to make something better.