Sony Zego - 100 cell processors in a render server

I have just been reading about the sony zego. Wow. I want.

Basically, 100 cells in a 1U server. (The chip made famous by the PS3)

Sony says “Our initial ZEGO product, the BCU-100, brings a new level of capability to an ultra power-efficient 1RU design which houses the ideal complement of Cell and GPU technologies. The BCU-100 provides efficient and exciting solutions for both rendering and visual effects creation pipelines.”

Imagine stacking 42 of thoose bad boys in a raq!!


I don’t know how you get to the assumption that there’s 100 Cell chips in those units…there’s exactly one Cell and one RSX in it, it’s basically nothing more than a PS3 with more RAM and some more IO options put into a 1U case…minus the Blu-ray drive.

So not really something sensational, IBM has been selling various Cell-based products for some time now…(Sony didn’t develop it alone after all…)