SOO Line 746 Train

This is a train I made a couple of months ago.


This is a better rendering of my train.


pretty good modelling must have taken a day or two :slight_smile:
but for decent renders you will want to experiment with the world tab. (ambient occlusion, environment lighting, and gather… (try gather set to 12 samples )

Hey thanks for the advice. I also decided to add some textures to the train cars.


Hey, trains are popular right now!

You really went all out on the detail (which seems to be a must for railroad modeling). Great job! =)

Thanks. I’m starting another train now so keep a look out for my new thread in works in progress.

looking better! but it still looks like the horizontal areas on the walking platform look very flat ( just one mass of unvarying grey), are you sure they aren’t done with that diamond texture?
what is your gather value?