Sooooo.... Can anyone make a nice bump or parallax mapping?

Just curious on one of the big wants for GE is parallax and bump/normal mapping for fake displacemet detail…

Has anyone tried it yet ? real time baby~! Sooon Soonn no more rendering on cpu :smiley:

That looks pretty cool! Not sure if this is already possible with current GLSL integration.


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in the code below of that page there are some like… well, glsl.vrt I don`t know about graphics programming, so what does that mean? is glsl used in that code of steep parallax? if yes why is not implemented yet?

I`m just curious :expressionless:

Not quite yet, shaders still need access to the Tangent matrix for this or bump mapping to be possible.

:expressionless: well

Anyway :smiley: , we have new features ;), thanks again 8)

Am, sorry, but what does that mean exactly? What kind of Shaders are possible, and which not? I just ask, because i try to understand all that Shader Stuff, and i don’t want to run into a Dead-End. :smiley:

Maybe i find a cool GLSL Shader somewhere, can i recognize if it will wok in 2.41?