Sordid and wretched buggy

I have a new project - wow, you think now :smiley:

I want to model a " sordid and wretched war - after nuclear war - buggy" in the style of Fallout or Borderlands. The whole situation is a piece of shit and to be alive is the most important. Well, in this enviroment is it very hard to live and you need a robust buggy with a machine gun and a aircraft engine as motor. Very hard times…you know…


Maybe you feel reminiscent of this work.
I had the idea to create a buggy like this few months ago and to get references i found this one. It will be not the same and I didnt want to copy this, but i will be in the “same” direction.

I’m now for 11 months in the “3D Buisness” and it’s my dream to work in the real one - so I want hard critique to getting better.

Well, the lightning isn’t so good so far and i work on it :smiley: - later in the finsihed scene it will be a complete different. Here is my work:

The chassis: (it’s not complete)

The wheel:

The buggy steat:

The water canister:

The Browning M2 Machine gun:

…to my english skills. I hope they aren’t to bad. I’m a german guy (20) and I learned only the school english. I think it will be better from now on - Step for step :smiley:

Ein Sechzigstel



looking nice:D

When we finish our vehicles we can make a race ^^ good stuff keep going!

ha! ha! when I first saw this thread i was thinking like a horse and buggy :stuck_out_tongue: keep up the good work.

Good evening - here is the new update.

They are many changes. In the beginning I want a buggy with a huge turbine, but i didnt want a analogy to other projects…now it’s a hovercraft engine.

I hope I get sometimes constructive criticism :smiley:

wow, nice details. good stuff.

Might want to post them with image tags.

Would be:
without the dot.
so it would show like this: work so far,nice progress.

Okay, now i post my pictures on this way. Some forums didnt want this :smiley:
Thanks. I hope i can start with texturing it this weekend.

Your engine could use a way of getting the air into the cylinders, and maybe more than two pipes per side. That block looks like a V 8 or V 6, so you should have at least 3 pipes per side. The overall design of the buggy looks cool.

There are more than 2 pipes per side. You can see that here:
and btw it is a V8.

Long long ago - there was a apocalyptic project…

…and now it’s back with a new name. The official name calls now: Dirty Dan

Well. During those weeks I wasn’t lazy - no. It was very hard for me to texture the buggy, because it was my very first time ever. In the past I texture something small but the modelling was always in my focus.

The project is nearly finished and I’m a bit proud of me but I need hard critique to get better ~ so pls :smiley:

Whoooaa!! I’ve been watching this thread, and the modeling is very impressive, but the render is amazing! The lighting is perfect, the textures are almost perfect, and the environment is also amazing. This will make it to the gallery for sure!

The overall look is nearly perfect, but…

  1. the wheels look like metal, because they are so smooth. Maybe add some of the rust/dirt textures as normal maps
  2. if the buggy is all rusted and weathered it should be, at least partly, broken in some areas
  3. I would add more and bigger lamps, like spotlights. Those little things there won’t make a difference in the dark :wink:
  4. I think your scaling might be off, because the steering wheel is tiny compared to the seats
  5. maybe add some details like ripped clothing as flags or such
  6. add some storage in the front like a metal chest to carry important stuff with you