sorry to ask this again, but.......

K I have no clue what to do im running the freebsd blender but no matter what i do the game engine is disabled, I can’t download blender on windows or linux or anything else and I would like to try the game engine but I can’t get it to work… I’ve searched for a long time for an answere but can’t find one anywhere and I posted something like this a month ago… PLEASE HELP!!!

Cant help ya there man, I’m running windows.

k thanks anyway.

if someone gives me a working answere…they’d probably kill me, i’d be so happy id fall down the stairs…if u have an answere gimme lol and ill be forever gratefull…please

Sorry bud im on windows, dont know about anything else :confused:

Free BSD?

I can’t help you personally, but the guys over at (which is the more technical side of blender) might be able to help you.

Sorry if you’ve already done this, and I hope it comes together for you!!


I might be more inclined to help if the questions were posted in coherent English (I’m a stickler when it comes to online English. I make exceptions for people for whom English is a second or third language)

[edit 1]besides, I’m windows based with just a tad of Ubuntu knowlege

[edit 2] that came out harsher than I meant it to…

Sorry oblivion… I hate typing alot so i shorten I’m kind of a two finger typer

Thank you for your replies guys… I still need more help though:D… Please

If you are using BSD, it seems that you can also compile blender from the sources. Have you tried that? The source code has options to enable/disable the game engine.

If you can’t, you better switch to Mac or Win32.
Good luck,

You left out the best one:

Linux (behold it’s awsome power, and all for $0.00)

lol k someone told me to talk to you erwin… I think you’re right…but i can’t get my dad to help me figure it out!!! lol not your fualt…should work… but a bunch of people said bsds version doesn’t have a game engine so i was a bit confused… thanks ill yell at my dad now=D

Ha owned i got it!!! no sound though=(…oh well!!!

Probably you need to install OpenAl or SDL to have sound?
Give it a try