Sort of sci-fi grenade/device/dunno :)

Something that I came up with… I’m not sure yet what it should be, but I just let my imagination go :slight_smile:
I made this in blender with the YAFRAY render engine (once you get the hang of it, it rocks!). Maybe I should apply some bump maps, giving it more ‘depth’.
Original image is a bit bigger (this one is cropped).


to me it looks like a sentry device. you know, a little gun that pops out of the top unexpectedly and shoots evrything! nice work!

Looks pretty cool for somthing that you don’t know what it is :slight_smile:
Mabey it could be some kind of sci fi tire for a bike. but that’s only a sugestion
Keep it up

Looks like a sci-fi grenade to me, but I thought it was a Yo-Yo when I saw the thumbnail. Keep it up!

Yeah it’s a bit weird :wink:
I’m now applying some bump to the white shell and I improved the nuts a bit…

No major updates though, I’ll add a new image once I really have a new addition :wink:

New version!


Nice. I like it.

But the half of the casing that is disconnected has no holes for the mini-poles to fit through. Wouldn’t there be holes in it so those things could fit through?

Maybe but the other half doesn’t have them either. So I think that if you put it on one end you need to add them to there other side. I think it looks really good man! Keep it up!

No, the other side is on, the mini-poles are already through the holes that are there, so you can’t see them.

At least, that’s how I think it should be.

Oh I see it now. The little spikes sticking out of the main object. Yea it isn’t on the detached piece. It would look better to add that. Nice eye!

I like the idea of the ball bearings … somehow seems like you could get really creative there.

I know that improvised explosives usually use ball bearings or screws or other bits of metal as shrapnel so maybe make them a bit more evenly distributed so when the “grenade” blows it sends them bouncing around the room at 500 mph.

Yeah I’ve been worrying about the holes :smiley:
It’s hard to make them nice round and small, because I would need to increase the detail of the mesh… But I’ll work it out!

Thanks for the kind replies :wink:


Very interesting device! If it were a grenade, what would it do?

I’m going to pitch my idea for it:

A self-contained, electric wheel. The case sits up, with the ball bearings inside the case with free spin - settling at the bottom. When the power comes through, the ball bearings are electromagnetically pushed away in the direction the thing is going. Because the ball bearings are heavier than the outer-case, the case spins and acts as a tyre.

So, it rolls. Then those little pole things could act as suckers, holding it to a wall, floor, ceiling, vehicle, etc. Until one side of the casing blows out in a rain of ball bearings.

This one side blowing out idea is only for a directional blast, if the casing did not fly off then the pressure built up inside the device would act like a regular grenade - only that it rolls along and sticks to stuff.

That was my idea - could be interesting, eh?

Apart from this idea, what are the ball bearings used for?

Honestly: I don’t know yet, hehe :smiley:
I think I’ll add something on the top to give a particular use for the “bearings” (which could be anything actually). Maybe they’re used to build up some current differential, who knows :wink:

I’ll see what I can come up with… I like your explanation by the way, having a device that can explode in two ways!

Update. I added some decals and som sort of “grip” on top :wink:


I dont know much about it but you could use the booleen tool to get the holes. I think its the “W” key in object mode

Yeah I could try that, but I’m not at all impressed by the boolean tool in Blender. Somehow it fails to make even easy booleans. But by all means I could try it :wink:

Boolean tools in blender rely heavily on normal direction, so make sure you’ve got that right. Ctrl-N (Recalc Normals Outside) will probably sort this out, but only if there are no interior faces (faces that are on the inside of a mesh, hidden from view. Often created by spinning if not done correctly). After that, a difference modifier should work. if you use a small sphere, you should be able to create small dimples perfect for containing the bearings. Also, the boolean will create a separate object, not modify the original object, so don’t forget to either delete or move one out of the way.

Hope this helps a bit.

Thanks, I figured some bits out already, but somehow the modifiers also ADD to the mesh (very weird), but I could always use a simple sphere to create small holes…

There’s a small issue with subsurfacing though, it’s hard to maintain the original mesh forms…

Make sure it is a difference boolean, and that you select the spere first, then the grenade. Also, Use edge lops to create sharp edges. The car modelling edition af blenderart mag explains how to do this very clearly (better than I can quickly anyway).