Sort Vertex Groups

While doing my first real character rig, I find it very difficult to choose Vertex Groups.

How are they sorted? Is there a way to reorganise them or set this to alphabetical sorting? It drives me crazy to search the list ;).

They’re sorted by the selections and the names you give them. AFAIK selecting the name from the menu and hitting “Select” is the only way. I guess it boils down to using logical and obvious names.


The problem is that they don’t seem to be sorted by names (or I just can’t see it) :wink:

I think we are just using a different definition for the word “Sort”.


Look real hard… it is sorted!

The parent names are sorted in alhpanumeric order (l, m, r, etc) and then the child names (groups) are sorted in reverse alhpanumeric order (ring3, ring2, ring1).

Well, actually it is all alphabetical, starting with the parent names, but it starts at the lower left, goes up, then continues at lower second column from the left and so on. Like this:

3 6 9
2 5 8
1 4 7


l.d m.c r.c
l.c m.b r.b
l.b m.a r.a
l.a l.e m.d etc.

Fligh %, Wizard and fakeplastic: Thank you very much, that’s it! I think I just couldn’t see the wood for the trees :-|.