SOS: Pytohn & Physics help???

hey all, you might have seen my work on the eagl eborn threat in the game works and progress forum, well now i actually need a little help. I have no experience with using python for coding and i hav eno idea how to work with physics in the game engine. does anyone have any tutorials for 2.6 related to this/these topics? any help is greatly appreciated:yes:


I have two video tutorial series that cover the development of two basic games in the blender game engine:

Turret Defense - using logic bricks only (starts from the very beginning)
Tunnel Runner - using python (more complex, but explained in relative detail)

I also do weekly tutorial requests on my site (relevant links can be found in my signature), and I also have other tutorials available there.

Hope that helps.

wow, fabulous. do you cover AI at all?
i mean the first one like for at random and stuff is cool but like my game has ai’s that shoot back and follow (it is an airplane game so like the ai planes have to able to turn on an angle to follow the player)


You have to learn python in general.

Otherwise, tutorials in specific areas won’t really help you much.