Soul Calibur III - Blizzard CG no longer king?

Check out the wallpapers and the Mitsirugi mini-clip in the menu O_o

That’s superb work. Some of the best in the industry. But whether or not it is better than Blizzard’s works can not be said through still images or a small clip.

And check out Final Fantasy: Advent Children for some amazing work as well. By far the most impressive cg feature film I’m aware of.

True. I’m waiting until the full intro trailer is released drools

yes SCIII is DEFINITELY on my to-buy list :smiley:

Better than blizzard? I don’t know about that… Different for sure. Hopefully blizzard does some good cg cinematics for SC:Ghost

Either way, more awesome CG never hurt anybody! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d choose Square as better CG in game creators. :slight_smile:


i never thought blizzard was the king of anything, really. Square is by far better. So is ROBOT (from Onimusha series).

I always thought Blizzard had the best cg, as in: “style”, and “stupefacient” terms of use. Japanese animations always were more detailed and more hard work were put in them, but they just are in my eyes plain stupid, or have this nasty anime style (my personal opinion) (except FF the movie)

This one falls in the last category: rejected due to style :]