Sound Background Implementation

Evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Recently I have started working with blender. I am very happy that I found it and that I am getting used to it more and more. But the learning curve is awesome and drives me crazy sometimes … As right now for instance …
(Besides, this forum is much more complex … I wonder, if this posting is placed in this main thread correctly …)

I work on testing with lighting and musical background on a small scene. Think of a small text - like a film titel. Lights sweep over this textline … Textlines and lights are set and work perfectly well (enough at least).

Now, my problem is the music.

As I figured out I need to Add Audio(RAM) the *wav file within the VSE. That’s not a problem.
Also I need to trigger the “Do Sequence” button on the Scene - Render Options. Done as well …

Now, what happens:

Case one: With “Do Sequence” triggered all the frames get animated/ rendered/ transformed into the film format I chose, but the small movie is pitch black - no objects, no music, nothing … And the Animation, although it has nearly 700 frames due to the length of the soundtrack, runs through like there is no next minute …
Case two: I remove the trigger on “Do Sequence”. And pushing the “Anim” Button renders and transforms all the frames into a small *.avi (as I have chosen); so, pictures yes, but there is no music. Btw.: This takes nearly 15 Minutes …

All my attempts to find some tutorials, films, advices on the internet have “rendered” me a little helpless. Any advice from your side maybe?

Thank you very much,


P.S.: I bet it is something very, very simple - as usual in Blender; but, hack, I won’t find it on my own …

Sound doesn’t render unless you use the output FFMpeg. I only found this out today and I’ve been using Blender for over a year. I thought it didn’t render sound, full stop.