sound converting

(snowy_duck) #1

how do u convert a sound like mp3 to a blender sound? cause i wanted to add a 007 song to my game and it didn’t work?

(saluk) #2

If you have 2.25 (publisher) you should be able to play sounds, in 2.23 wave files (.wav) are the only available format.

Many free programs exist that can transform an mp3 to a wave, but I don’t know the names of them.

(joecool) #3

I use goldwave. It’s great

(wavk) #4

To convert an mp3 to wav, use winamp! Select the diskwriter output driver. It’s lightning fast, though, so be sure to stop the recording after one song. Otherwise it’ll do your entire playlist and you’ll end up with 120 Gigs of wav’s.

(snowy_duck) #5

okay i have winamp and i look everywhere on it and coldn’t find disk rewriter or anything close?

(Fred_Pyo) #6


Right Click on any window and go to Options > Preferences (Ctrl + P)

Goto Output, select Nullsoft Disk Writer bla blah… push configure and there you’ll have all the necesary options, were to save and what format to save in…

Also, to prevent the program from runnig the whole playlist…

Im the same Winamp preferences window go to Options, and the the “Manual Playlist Advance”, so that only one track plays…

Just select the music/sound you wanna convert and push PLAY!


Once done put output back to Outwave or Direct sound, and uncheck manual playlist advance…

(snowy_duck) #7

hmmm when i hit the dash on the sound actuator it still only says “SOUND FILES” and i can select it?