Sound Formats

Information on this subject seems sketchy and inconclusive. So I’m hoping to clear a few things up.

Exactly what sound formats can be played in the game engine? and what are the limitations of encoding for these to be a valid sample?

I’ve only had success loading a .wav file in so far. Now for sound effects this is fine, but when you have several minutes of music it simply isn’t practical to use .wav files.

So what are the options available to include a lot of sound without having huge file sizes?

pcm wav is supported [more or less uncompressed, mono and stero of pretty much all bitrates should work]

ogg vorbis is supported [but only seems to work on occasion]
mp3 was supported (it might still be, ogg might not be… I am speaking about publisher 2.25 because I haven’t really checked since opensourcing)

okay, now then there are some issues to note

game’s sound never seemed to work right on anything BUT windows

mp3 files must have a constant bitrate [I’d imagine ogg would too]

and last I checked the pack option in the latest version of blender [2.32?] didn’t pack sounds anymore.

Managed to import and play the mp3 and ogg files in 2.25, but not 2.33.

I find it strange that 2.25 can use wav, mp3, and ogg formats, whilst 2.33 can only use wav. Why has development gone backwards for sound support? :o

This is an area which could use some work, good games need good sfx/music…

I think you’re right.

After 2.25, (just before NaN went under?) the sound library was changed to OpenAL, (from fmod, which is non-free)

So yes, the sound system does need work, and the only sound format supported at the moment is wav. :-?