sound hierarchy ?

Is there some way to set the sounds so that one dose not over ride the other?

I want to add some background music, but all my sound effects kill it.

Some sound effects seem to do this more than others is why I am asking.

Thanks in advanced for any enlightenment.

According to this source…

…many of the sound functions are not working in the GE. Have you considered Pygame for sound? I have a thread with a demo in the resources section. The only bad thing about it is that there are problems with Linux. Other than that, I’ve had good results with .ogg and Pygame (the music in the demo is not high quality).

I dont think this will help either, but you can look:

This may not be part of the subject but I think that site may be very helpful for people to learn python, in fact if I had that open on my computer with Blender, I could start writing my own scripts:)

yah, its a pretty cool site alright…