Sound in Blender?

(I hope this goes in this section)

I was wondering how I can add sound to Blender, I know you can put it into the video editing window but when I render it (In Avi and MPEG-4) it doesn’t work…
Someone help me please!
Pic of setup below.


In your image you have set the sound codec to None so of course you won’t get any sound.


I think if you want audio with no compression, you can use the PCM codec, but don’t quote me on that. Most of the codecs provide both decent compression & decent audio quality as well.

If you want an audio only mixdown, then goto the scene panel and look for the audio tab, there is a mixdown button that will use the codec and path that you have selected in the render settings.

Oh, wow I feel silly it was there all along…Thanks everyone.

That is correct, PCM is technically speaking raw audio (i.e. 44.1 samples, 16bit per sample, 2 channels).
FLAC is another alternative which could be used with some video container formats but it is a lossless codec.