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(TomorrowMan) #1

yo, whats up everybody? not much here, but i got a question, i didnt get much help over at Q&A’s…

hey guys! Im currently producing my first commercial game with blender, and im almost done with it, all i need to do is a few more finishing touches,
compose it all together under one file, and import the soundFX, and music…but im at a delema with the sound…first of all, is there a way to import .mp3 with blender 2.23, or 2.25, i think you can with python, can someone out there PLEASE give me a script that enables this!? Secondly,
where can i find a free .wav to .mp3 converter? And lastly, say if i use songs of well known, modern bands/artists on my game…do i have to ask the certain band/artist for permission first, or can i just go ahead and put it on there, as long a i recognize them in the credits(im selling the game, not giving it away)…thanks for the help! , i should be done with the game(Appocolypse) in mid december…and its commercial debut should be on Dec.31, at
well, i hope someone can help me…

(gorgan_almi) #2

Once you’ve installed the publisher key you should be able to use mp3 files in 2.25 no problem without a script. Thats my understanding anyway, I haven’t actually tried.

wav to mp3 convertor? dBpowerAmp is the 1 I use. You can find that at

As for using bands music, yes you should definately ask first. You could get sued otherwise, especially if its a commercial game. Infact since its a commercial game you’ll probably have to buy a licence to use the music.

Hope that helps 8)


(saluk) #3

Yes, if you are selling you will definately have to talk to the bands, and if they are big bands (or even little ones) they will probably want you to buy the rights for it. When I was part of a small movie project, even though we weren’t selling for PROFIT, one of the music artists we had used wanted 10 percent of our sale price. It was a bit unfair, but selling for profit, yes, do definately send some emails around and figure out how to get permission.

(gorgan_almi) #4

you should of said yes to his 10% offer!

If you weren’t selling it then 10% of £0 ($0 whatever) is still $0! :wink: :smiley:

(saluk) #5

We did say yes, but he wasn’t asking 10% of profits, he was asking 10% on each tape sold!!!

(TomorrowMan) #6

cool, thanks for the help guys…damn! 10% of the income from each tape sold! jeez, thats crazy, have to pay for advertising there music on your games…that is unfair…oh well, hopefully someone out there will let me use there music for free! :slight_smile: …well, i guess thats it, AND REMEMBER! go to on dec.31, and buy a copy! c’mon, ive got children, there starving!..well…maybe not, but hey, you can get a free demo, and its very extensive for a game made on blender…well thats it, see ya, and tell your mom ill give her that 5$ i owe her from last night on friday, J/K!

(Pooba) #7

Cool, a commercial game made with blender, i can’t wait to see it, i’ll buy it if it’s good :wink: . Acoustica’s mp3 to wav converter ( and vise-versa) is really nice ( you can just right click on the file and click convert to wav or convert to mp3. To stick in mp3 files in blender, make suer you have the key file and then go to the sound window and click the little white dash and then cilck add new, then go to your mp3 file and select it and hit enter.


(xhyldazhk) #8

You can use some kind of algorithm to compose music automatically, or download the shareware version of a program called Automated Music Composer that does the job. The music generated by this program is royalty free.

(eeshlo) #9

Just in case this is still of use to somebody:

(nikolatesla) #10

Cool! Thanks, eeshlo!


(nikolatesla) #11

Question eeshlo -

If you programmed the dll interfacing to fmod, couldn’t you just make a call to fmod to stop all sounds on DllUnload() ? Because Im assuming that the dll will be unloaded when blender exits…or maybe you could do something to that effect anyway, even if the DLL doesn’t get DLLUnload called maybe the built in python in the DLL could get some sort of notification.

According to MSDN, you could have DLLMain() watch for fdwReason to be DLL_PROCESS_DETACH.


(gargola) #12

LMFAO!!! HE HE HE! true :wink: :smiley:

(eeshlo) #13

It was some time ago I did this, but I can remember that I did do something using the DLL_PROCESS_DETACH message but for some reason this didn’t work well (exceptions). In any case, you can stop the music with StopPlaying() and when quiting Blender, all sound should stop as well.
Didn’t that happen when you used it?
But it would be nice if Blender would have some sort of message handler for quitting the game when using escape so that certain things like stopping music could be handled more gracefully.

(TomorrowMan) #14

hey thanks for the help guys, i wouldnt have been able to complete this game without the answers to all of my stupid questions ive posted here lately! :stuck_out_tongue: Yes pooba PLEASE buy it! I have children, there starving, were living on the streets in a cardboard house, with a newspaper roof! haha, j/k, yeah, i would really appreciate it if you did though, TUDBZD is just starting up, and we need the money, but its only 10$ and you can always pick up a free demo! It should be pretty cool, its one of the only…actually, come to think of it, its the only blender made game ive seen that was a full fledged game, you know, with all the levels, and bosses, and enimies, all the blender games ive ever seen were just demos, and ive seen about 6 or 7. I think people should move away from making just demos, and focus on making more full fleged games, maybe blender will get a bit more attension from the world if we do. I dunno, but if your wondering, its a platformer, kinda like megaman, but man oh man i sometimes wish i didnt choose a platformer for my first game, cause’ if youve ever made a platformer as complex as this one, you sometimes fell like you want to rip out your brainstem, take it to the nearest 4 way intersection, and jump-rope with it, haha! :smiley: Im just babbling now arent i…sorry…but yeah, ill try that automatic music composer thing, and thanks again…

(saluk) #15

Sounds awesome! I’ll definately buy it to support a fellow blender enthusiast. I’ve tried making full-fledged games, but I always end up getting tired of them, or some big problem comes up that I don’t feel like tackling. It’s not that I don’t think I could solve the problem, I just get tired of them and like starting new projects instead:) hehe. I guess I’m more of a starter and not much of a finisher. So they end up being just demos.

But the two personal projects I’m working on I hope to finish. We’ll see what happens.

(TomorrowMan) #16

thanks saluk! Yeah, i know what you mean about getting sick of making a certain game after awhile, ive gotton really REALLY tired of making Appocolypse lately considering ive been working on it for nearly 4 or 5 months! Im just glad its almost done…i cant wait till its finished!..Im pretty excited about my next few projects im gunna be tackling too, so im really ancious to start on them…after christmas break, ill probably work on an animation project, and after a long break of making games, ill start on my next one in the spring, MAN, my next one is gunna be freakin awesome! If you think Appocolypse is pretty in depth for a blender game, you should see my next one! going to try to actually make a real commercial quality (like nintendo, or microsoft quality) game…that is…try :stuck_out_tongue: …hehe, and im also going to be doing the visual effects for an independent movie the summer before my senior year…theres alot of other things ill be doing too, ill list um all on the website, when i get it up…

(gorgan_almi) #17

That Automatic Music Composer sounds useful if its any good, I was always wondering how i’d write the music for my game, I’m not much of a composer myself.

Sounds like you got real ambitions there TUDBZD69, good luck to ya! :slight_smile: I would buy your game if I could but i’m really stuck for cash at the moment what with a Student Loan to pay off and everything. :frowning:

I guess im more like u in that I prefer to make 1 long complete game rather than lots of short demos. I’m working on a couple of projects at the moment, both different types of RPGs. I’ll be so happy when my main project gets to a presentable level that I can actually show it off. Most of the (huge) code base is in place but theres not much pretty graphics to look at at the moment. Oh well ill keep workin on it in my spare time and hopefully it’ll eventually be ready for others to see.

Can’t wait to see what your games look like! 8)


(TomorrowMan) #18

yeah…belive it or not, im acutually not going to another company after high school, im planning on moving to lexington(a bigger city close to where i live), and possible get a studio apartment, or a small building, then hire 4 or 5 employees, and expand from there…who knows, maybe TUDBZD will be the first official company to sell blender made games…we’ll see what happens over the years…but untill then im riding solo, since theres only one other person in the town i live in that can actually do 3D besides me, and he’s just a begginer blender user…funny…he’s the one who introduced me to 3D, and blender, and now im lightyears ahead of him! haha…well, i think this topic has dragged on long enough, it started out about sound and music, and now were talking about something completely different…so…im not posting anymore in this one, if you all have any more questions about TUDBZD, do it in another post, or email me, and watch out dec.31! we should be open for business then! 8)

(saluk) #19

Wow, sounds insane TUBZD69

It’s hard to get in from the bottom like that, but in the end it might be a better way to go. All depends on what happens:)

And plus, you’re probably NOT about making money, but making the games. I just hope you can make enough for a living.

That happened with me and my friend, I was into anime, I got him into it, now he has like FIVE BOXES OF CDS worth of anime, and I have like a coupel hundred megs:)

(TomorrowMan) #20

yeah, definintly, im not about making money at all, making computer games, and art is my passion, and i gotta do it!..i think i would probably explode or something if i didnt do it! :smiley: I wouldnt mind if TUDBZD stayed a small business all of my life, and i made just enough to live on…that would be great, and thats really all im expecting at the moment…but, you never know, anythings possible, TUDBZD might be as big as EA games, or squaresoft someday, i REALLY doubt it though :stuck_out_tongue: …hmmm…i guess we’ll all have to wait and find out…by the way, if any of you are thinking of maybe joining TUDBZD…stop thinking, i dont wanna be mean or anything, its just that im not excepting anyone over the internet, people have tried to do that in the past so i hear, and it rarely works…but…i know this is kinda early, but ill be helping with the visual effects (amongst other things) for an independent movie called, Nevaeh in a couple of years, and ill have to hire a few people from the forums here…but, that will be awhile to even think about…

p.s. the movie my friend and i are producing, “Nevaeh”, has nothing to do with the demo at, i just learned it excisted today…