sound rendering on mac os x

I dont know if this is still afeature on windoze, but I used to be able to output fully formed movies with a synced soundtrack through windows and linux, but now that ive moved to macs, this feature no longer appears… (i think it was through ffmpeg)

does anybody know the answer to this one?


On OS X there seems to be only one working option: “Format”: FFMpeg, “Video”: MPEG-2 (+ “Audio”: Multiplex audio).

Under OS X 10.3.9 all other options did not work for me or crash blender, I’ve now only just upgraded to 10.5 and not tested this again yet.

Hi indiworks, I dont have an FFMpeg option in the format drop down, are you using a special build?



Interesting… No, I use the official 2.45 release for PPC. Are you maybe on an Intel Mac…?

Possible solution: building blender from the source and testing different FFMpeg versions… (Don’t ask me how - at least not yet…)

Or try blender under Ubuntu (via Bootcamp), since the OS X build right now I think is not 64-bit yet (since only Leopard is true 64-bit).

ahh its the intel thing, cheers

does anyone know of a mac os x intel buildwith ffmpeg compiled in?

Can the ppc one work on a mac intel?

good point

it does run, but crashes when i try to multiplex audio, itd be better for something like this to be native to the sytem you’re using surely?

Yay! It works!

I’ve been struggling the last few days with krupa’s question, thanks to indiworks I downloaded the PPC version, and it works!

Krupa: it crashes only with certain settings/codecs, and requires certain codecs for playing. I’ll post my specs in a few minutes.

Ok, my video settings: format = avi, codec = mpeg4(divx); audio settings: multiplex = on, codec = pcm;

Playback: Quicktime didn’t work, used vlc and it works fine.

I’ll finally be able to do the sequencing in Blender as well. (imovie wasn’t fun, especcially the exporting part) PPC software officially are supposed to work slower on intel but Blender PPC seemed to be working very fast, i’ll use it only for sequencing. Besides a lot of programs are still using PPC on mac, like adobe, Scribus, etc.

Actually, all audio codecs work with the above video format settings. (In vlc but not in quicktime)

Video format Mpeg1 also works, even in quicktime, but with artifacts on the first and last frames.

good work blackblender, thanks - but i wonder why there’s no ffmpeg in the intel version, seems a little silly …

mpeg2 makes a .dvd file which didn’t open. mpeg4 crashes blender. Format = avi & codec = DV works in quicktime without sound…

You get the picture. it’s a matter of deciding on a codec to use and checking if it works…

Dunno, they were having problems implementing it, I think.