Sound shader - yes you read that right!

For those expecting something amazing, please don’t be disappointed.

I’m simply asking whether it would be possible to create some python based special sound FX. For instance, a muffler shader, in which when a door closes on the room so the sound inside becomes muffled.

Or maybe a shader that puts all noises through a filter when the player is hurt and must rest to regain health. Your thoughts?

heh, first of all don’t call it a shader. the word shader doesn’t mean a script that modifies how the engine does something- there’s no shading involved in sound. you wouldn’t call a baby zebra a kitten, would you? same thing.

Now that the technicalities are out of the way- I believe what you’re referring to is called EAX (or maybe that’s just the name of one product that does this)- modifying sound based on the environment. AFAIK, blender can’t do this yet.
-The best you could do is working with the volume, for example when a bomb goes off near the player, all sound’s volumes are reduced by X percent for Y time, or when the sound is in another room the volume drops X percent. you couldn’t cut just the low-end or whatnot though. also, you’d have to figure out how to define which room things are in, etc.

You could have multiple versions of a sound which are played at appropriate times. In the Cloudy Planet world in my Zark game, there is a tunnel which, when inside, the player hears an echoing version of the world’s normal ambient sound.

Interesting ideas. Maybe having to fake everything in Blender leads to some creative solutions after all.