Sound tracker beta release

I finally got round to finishing my test on this script.

You can see the results here…

Hope you like it…

awesome , i once tried the script but didnt really got what i wanted , but i see its possible , is there any documentation on it ?


julesd-g6, looks like great work so far

hi everyone,

and thanks for all the kind words. the last couple of months have been very hectic and, as you seem to have noticed, i have been forced to put nerdy side projects, such as soundtracker, on hold for a while. anyway, i’ve got more spare time on my hands now and have started to work on soundtracker again. im working on some of the improvements mentioned in this thread, such as choosing what type of ipo curve to generate. if anyone of you has got any feature requests or suggestions, let me know.

thanks for all your input. ill keep you posted (this time i mean it :wink: )

thanx technoestupido ! this script is for me one of the hottest ones , as i love electronic music , visual and all that jazz ;D

wehay wehay… technoestupido is back on the job… hooray!!! this brings me many buckets full of joy. Time is always being taken by other things… I know this from when people have asked me to add things to my scripts, but I am glad we have not lost you TS.

Keep it moving man… can’t wait for the official launch party "/

where do i get the wave module python thing? the link just leads to the python webpage

I’ve loaded a default screen selected the cube and then run the script.

I’m able to see the generated IPO in the script view but I’m not able to see it in my cube’s IPO on the Xloc or anywhere else for that matter.

How do I apply? is there something I’m missing?

OOps! I didn’t realize that I had to select the soundIPO from the dropdown in the Object/IPO view.

works Great… thanks for the awesome script!

got it to work! :smiley:
this script is awesome! thanks!

I was looking for something like this and came across this script. It looks really cool, but when Itry to access it in blender, I get an error message, which tells me that “There’s a non-ASCII character on line 339”, and to go to this website for details. Very confused by the python stuff. :no:

Is there any option to animate Shape keyes

You can always cut and paste IPOs.
I used it to animate influence keys on a constraint.

as any one got this script to work with particles yet for audio visualisation

@ stvndysn: do you mean something like this?

I got the same error… To fix it i did this…

open a text editor and remove everything after the # on line 339. I had to do the same on line 522 as well

Once I did this, the script loaded and worked fine.

cheers, J

Does anyone know if the IPO data can be exported to a text file. I guess this is a general question about exporting IPO points as text but I’m specifically trying to use it for this module. Maybe I’ll repost the question somewhere else if no one responds.

I think I found the line that plots the IPO curve on line 623:

envelopeIpoCurve[fps*float((n-nStart+1))/sampleRate] = value

It looks like the IPO curve for the current frame number and value are plotted at that line.

Does anyone know python well enough to know how to write these two values to a txt file? The text file could be just two columns and a line for each frame. Like:

fra, val
1, 100
2, 101
3, 90
4, 55
5, 110

and so on. Actually, if you could tell me how to write each value to a file on a separate line, I don’t even need the frame numbers. Just the value and a newline. I’ll know what frame it is just by reading the line number itself.

I know there must be somebody who can help with this.

Thank you technoestupido. The sound tracker works very well. Just what I was looking for.

cant wait for the 2.5 version of this script

Isn’t this what neXyon’s Sound to F-Curve Modifier does?
It’s already in 2.5, but you have to find it through the search menu, as there is no UI for it yet.
Correct me if I’m wrong.