Sound tracker beta release


i have now finished a beta version of the sound tracker script discussed in apart from the tooltips and the demo video in the mentioned thread, there’s no documentation. i will try to put one together soon.

the reading of wav files is handled by the python module wave (, which must be present for the script to work. the generated ipo curves are of Object type by default and show up in the locX channel. you can download the (crappy) drum loop used in the demo video here. the script was developed and tested using Blender 2.45.

since i made the demo video, i have added three new curve types: step oscillating, step accumulating and step random. these curves change value abruptly when the envelope passes the step threshold value from below.

i would really appreciate comments, suggestions, bug reports, feature requests etc.

download the script


It works fine for me. I’m using the latest SVN version. Could I, say, animate the number of turns in a helix curve, with this? Good work, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to try it :smiley: I’m nearly finished moving house…

just thought i should post three short movies (<400 kb xvid avi) to show how the three new curve types look. the generated curves control the radiosity of a cube.

step oscillating
step random
step accumulating (a new accumulating curve segment starts in the middle of the video but you get the picture)

and in case you missed it, the other curve types and some other features are demonstrated in this youtube clip.

So does the curve data represent amplitude or frequency?

atom: it represents amplitude. you can use the input filters to select a certain frequency range of the input sound however. if you for instance select only low frequencies, the generated curve will represent the amplitude of the bass.

It would be cool to have an option to stop the calculation of the Ipo Curve. ESC doesn’t work.

myvain: yes, i have thought of that too. i will try to look into it soon.

technoestupido, this is good. Please continue development and documentation.
Edit: Here’s my first suggestion: add a menu selector for ipo type (object, lamp, material, etc) and add a menu selector for ipo channel (LocX, LocY, whatever). I don’t know Python, so I’ll leave it to others

this is really cool script-m going to definately try it…many many thanks…!!!

I can’t believe I missed this - I’ve been working on modifying the Audio Analysis script, but you’ve done pretty much what I was going to do! I’ll take a look just as soon as I’ve finished typing!

Is this still under active development?

… there are a couple of things I’d change, that’s all :wink:

does anyone know if this can be applied to work in real-time with the BGE? Or perhaps any other scripts that can also work in real-time in the BGE?

I am a newbie with Blender and I installed the Soundtracker script but was unable to get any animation going, even though the script ran and provided a waveform of an audiotrack
that I inserted. What am I not doing? Any help appreciated.

absolutely bloomin marvelous works a treat!

Thanks for this great script.

Awesome! Any updates since April?

Just a question: by default the script is being applied to the X value of my cube.
Is there a way to apply the ipo to any other parameter?
I’m trying to assign it to the scale property or to the z position, but no way to see it applied to other properties.

In the bottom right hand side of your ipo window, there should be 2 icons that look like an arrow going into a box, and an arrow comming out of a box. If you select all the points on LocX click the “arrow into the box” icon, select ScaleX then click “arrow out of box” it should copy the data.

This can be done in the script… I can add it if technoestupido doesn’t.

I am finally getting around to trying this script out myself and have a nice looking anim comming soon built with it!


thanks for the explanation julesd-g6!