Sounds velocity

Hi guys, my question is how to make the sounds reproduce faster than the normal?, lets say, if im making an FPS (for example) and i want to use an machine gun sound, but it reproduces too slow, and i must change the velocity of it, please HELP!!! :smiley:

get an audio editing system such as audacity…

Make it faster using a sound editor, like Audacity:

@ YoungApprentice, great minds think alike, do you not agree? :smiley:

Hehe. BTW, we made those posts simultaneously! I came out after posting to view the thread and BOOM! There was your reply! I was like “Wah?” :stuck_out_tongue:

lol haha you made it at the same time :D, ok i will edit the sound in audacity, i already have it, but i will try to edit it thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

The “Tempo” effect is what you want! Then just cut out the white space.

Nice thanks!, i wanted to change the velocity of a Laser sound hehe thanks :smiley: