(gargola) #1

anybody knows where i can get wav music for my games?not sound efects but music.thanx. :slight_smile:

(digitalSlav) #2

you can make some! there are alot of little loop machines out there that you can make like 2 measures and loop over and over to keep the file size down. anything more than that and you will have significant size and no one will download. you can search for hammerhead rhythm station or other programs by techno toys. techno toy has a bunch of programs that you can get to work together such as sequence editors and beat boxes. trust me these programs are VERY EASY and should only take you mere minutes to get something nice that will loop easily. also in blender you can slow these wav files down to get a totally different sound. make something really fast then slow it down in blender to a regular tempo and it seems that your song is much longer. just a few helpful hints that should get you on your way!

(gargola) #3

thanx man! i’ll try it. :slight_smile:

(saluk) #4

Tmtechie - great idea! Make the song with high pitches and really fast, then slow it down in blender. Geez, I never thought of that. Or, in a sound editor, after you have the wave, cut the length in half and in blender play it at half the frequency. Quality probably wont be so hot though, but since we can only use waves, thats just too bad. I was working on a music program in blender a while ago that would play an instrument sound file at different frequencies as it tracked through the song, but I never finished it. If I ever finish my level editor, I’ll probably add the sound stuff too.

(Doc Holiday) #5

Is it possible to import a MP3 Module with Python and use that?


(Pooba) #6

I do know that somebody did get a song to play with winamp in blender, but we need a python expert here (steps out of the way as he sux with python). Go make the python people do it in the python forum.

(saluk) #7

Hmm, I think importing mp3’s with python could be done, but you would have to use the right library and it would be difficult to distribute. I don’t know what kinds of sound libraries python has, but I think pygame has a pretty good one. I’ll look into it next week when I have more time.