source code compile?

alrite so im in the middle of editing the blender source code, (hoping to release a blender build that i am making, it’ll be called “Blender FIRE build” or a.k.a. “Blender For Developers”) but im wondering, once im done editing the source code of blender, how do i compile it? all those files ahhhhhhhh! how do i make all those files into 1 executable! or as many executable as it needs or wutever.

the point is, how do i compile the blender source code wen its done?

What you need is a build system. The classic one is make, but Blender has another that uses SCons, which is python-based (which is good because python is awesome), that I highly recommend.

All the “makefiles” (files that tell the build system how to add the files together) are there already (you don’t have to write them yourself), they are called SConstruct in SCons.

Here is a good guide to compiling Blender using SCons:
Ignore step seven for now…

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wait ok i justed topped off my computer with the scons, no more memory, everything compressed to the smallest size possible, i cant fit the mingw headers into my computer. is ther either a way to make the blender without mingw or is there anywhere i can send my mod’d blender files and they will make the blender?