Sources for original thinking.

I was reading Plantperson’s thread about BGE graphics and the Expose games and it got me thinking. We could do more as a community to encourage original game ideas that get around the limitations of the BGE.

So here is my contribution.

Here is a website that I think everyone interested in games design should look at. Sirlin is a pro Street Fighter player and game designer I especially recommend reading the articles on “Yomi” and balancing. It really helps in understanding what the core of games that stand the test time are about.

The independent games festival website shows some of the best examples if indie games for the past few years. (This is where the team that developed Narbacular Drop got noticed by Valve and hired to develop Portal).

Indie game blog.

I also think it would be a good idea to hold a game contest for the best game concept. No judging of graphics, just the best game mechanic. Also the should be a rule, you have to be able to describe the core concept of your game in one sentence. I think by concentrating on a solid, well though out and simple concept could create potential for interesting games.

Well there’s a start, im no expert on original thinking, interested in what you guys think.

I love the last idea. Honestly, the top part was kinda boring me :stuck_out_tongue: But the last part i reaaaaaaally like. I’m a huge fan of creative games, not the ol’ medieval kill the dragon ordeal. Props to you for this idea :smiley:

i like the idea of contests :slight_smile:

Had a stupid idea which kind of misses the point of this thread but I liked it so I’ll mention it.
Do you know the game ‘consequences’? might be call something different in different countries. where you draw a head, fold over the paper so just the neck is showing,and the next person has to draw the next bit. Well you could do that with a game. Someone posts the beginings of a game, the next person in the thread adds something and so on. A bit of fun I thought… no… nevermind…