Sources of Peace - Sky, tree & home!

Hello everyone,
I have just finished this project. Aim was not to create something complex, instead a simple but meaningful.

I was just scrolling through some astrophotography and got inspiration to make this composition using Volumetrics.

I have modelled the hut and made the tree using Groove Addon in Blender 2.79b. (Yes! I’m using this old version because my computer is old :sleepy:) Adding the point light under the tree and tried the using the rule of two-thirds here.

For the background, first I tried milkyway HDRI but it was an hassle to get the desired view, so I became Ian Hubert and using Image as Plane :stuck_out_tongue: from Unsplash.

Feedbacks and Suggestions will be appreciated.

Muneeb | Lahore, Pakistan