South Korea wants a robot in every home by 2010-2020

And this is from the government that wants robocops. If you live in South Korea (I live in America), the government may want you to own a robot.

In my perspective I think they have well thought out how to bring the future a bit closer. They have been taking technology very seriously.

That movie I, Robot is coming true!

(the book is much better)

I think “I robot” set the year pretty good at the rate it’s going.

These robots also are all networked, which when it comes to intelligence and instruction is alot more practical, imagine another robot knows a face and it sends the information to an area that can be accessed by all the other robots. On a robotics paper I wrote of robotic projects I would like to do in college I wrote of storing all the knowledge of all the robots in a central database as well as the robot getting all instruction and intelligence from there. The prospect of the South Korean robots being networked works much the same way.

South Korea’s robotics technology is poised to give Japan a run for its title :wink:

Oh, awsome! That means the world government that will be made by then will have robocops to patroll the streets.