Soviet Disco

First, here’s a frame from the final animation:


Made this prefectly looping scene, rendered with Eevee (because 4320p and a lot of frames).

Disco ball features correct placement of mirror strips (in a form of a spiral), but I stylized bits by making them bigger, so it looks good at lower resolutions. Imperfections on the disco ball, color scheme & overdone vfx are intentional, hence the ‘Soviet’.

Light reflections on the ceiling are faked with an easy ‘sphere with holes + light inside’ trick:

Final render is composed by combining two scenes. Flares & chromatic aberration are done with Blender compositor, and 45 degree glints were added in After Effects:

By the way, if anyone can suggest a better player for video preview, that would be very welcome! I don’t quite like how youtube integrates into the post here.

Track in animation is ‘The Wimp, The Bonehead And The Seasoned’ by 88 Soundyears.